How to Create an Essay Title: Tips & 30 Best Title Ideas

An essay title can either make the reader back off or keep reading through your essay. This means that such a title plays a significant role in hooking the reader to your paper. Therefore, it is significant to strategize ways to create an eye-catching essay title to ensure the reader enjoys your paper from the start to the end. Keep reading to understand the basics of creating a great essay title, along with the best essay title examples.

Does an essay need a title? The significance of essay titles

Having a good title for an essay is a significant element of your whole paper. The title helps the reader understand what you are expressing in your paper. Therefore, make sure you stress the keywords and make the title captivating, of course.

How to make a good title for an essay

A proper header for essay should describe your paper as a whole in a simplified and descriptive manner. While creating essay title ideas can be quite challenging, the following tips should help you create an admirable essay title.

Can an essay title be a question?

One of the best ways to captivate the reader’s attention is by using a question as the essay title. However, you should ensure the question you pose as an essay title aligns with the topic or concept you need to cover in your paper.

  • Use keywords

A good title for essay doesn’t necessarily need fancy wordings. The main objective is to give the reader a picture of what you intend to cover. For instance, if your context revolves around students, be specific and clear if it is middle school, college, or university students.

  • Note the guidelines for your paper’s style

When formulating a proper heading for college essay, you need to put into consideration the set guidelines of how you should style your paper. Therefore, make sure you read and comprehend the requirements well. Know where to put capital letters, how you should align the title, and how to use punctuation based on the required style.

  • Make the title believable

While using some wordings may captivate the reader’s attention, the title may seem inaccurate based on how you’ve presented the title. Therefore, make sure your essay title sounds as honest as possible, making the reader believe in the context you need to describe in the next sections.

  • Easy to read and comprehend

A good essay title should be easy to read and interpret at first sight. Therefore, avoid complex wordings in your essay titles that will force the reader to start searching for the meanings, thus wasting time.

Essay titles examples

Having described the whole concept of titling an essay and the measures you should take to ensure you create a captivating essay title, below are some good essay title ideas you can consider.

Best college essay titles

  1. Instagram’s impact on the young generation
  2. Describe the best parenting style
  3. What is your take on homeschooling teenagers?
  4. The impact of a pandemic on growing business setups
  5. How does marijuana impact the brain?
  6. Modern world: describe the impact of same-sex couples

Catchy essay titles

  1. How to become wealthy minus a physical business; only computers
  2. How can Artificial Intelligence affect impact humanity?
  3. Can modern technology help solve ancient problems?
  4. Raising children with morals in the 21st century
  5. Tips for managing a business like a pro
  6. Describe the tales of North and South Korea after years of conflicts

Good argumentative essay titles

  1. Is Euthanasia unethical?
  2. Do you think public cameras enhance security measures or violate the privacy of individuals?
  3. Do family ties have any significance?
  4. Owning a gun helps individuals protect themselves: discuss
  5. Juveniles shouldn’t be sentenced
  6. The impact of plastic surgery on teenagers

Good persuasive essay titles

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a smoker
  2. Why video games can improve the overall learning experience in schools
  3. Should illegal immigrants rightfully stay in the US?
  4. Extroverts vs. introverts: which one is better?
  5. Death penalty should apply to all heinous crimes
  6. Can you employ a person with tattoos?

Good titles for essays about yourself

  1. My career objectives
  2. My life as a teenager
  3. My best experience at the university
  4. My worst nightmare
  5. The day I needed the most help
  6. A summer vacation I remember


Writing an admirable essay begins with selecting and giving your paper an attractive title. Besides captivating the reader’s attention, a good essay title will give you an easy time researching the context and presenting your ideas in a clear manner. Be sure to put the above tips in place when titling your essay, and enjoy the writing process.

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