A List of 40 Interesting Gender Essay Topics for Students

Essay writing is among the must-do tasks for all students, whether in high school, college, or university. The challenging part of writing a good essay is evaluating different ideas and choosing a suitable topic that will match the intended purpose of the paper.

The basics of selecting a perfect essay topic are an interesting topic idea, a specific topic (not too broad), and an engaging one. With all these considerations in place, you will be able to craft a perfect essay topic and generate great content to meet the objectives of the topic.

In this write-up, we feature an essay about gender and several gender essay topics you can consider in your paper.

How to choose essay topics in gender studies

Although deciding on a perfect topic may consume some of your time and you may face some difficulties, you can apply the following approaches before you settle on the best creative title for gender roles essay.

  1. Select a gender essay topic you can comprehend easily

Choosing an easy to comprehend topic will give you an easy time, especially when doing the research. Therefore, as much as you would like to prove your academic prowess, avoid complex topics.

  1. Choose a debatable topic

A good gender essay topic should give you more facts to argue out your points to bring out a meaningful paper to meet the desired theme.

  1. Review research materials

Presenting a good essay involves conducting in-depth research. Therefore, before you settle on a given topic, do a background check on the resource or material availability of a given topic or theme to ease the research process.

Common themes to think of when selecting a gender-based essay topic

While choosing a topic for your gender-based essay, you can consider the following themes as your reference point:

  • Gender biases in education

Education is a wide sector where gender matters are concerned. For instance, bullying in schools, early marriages, and poor sanitation, among other elements.

  • Poor access to healthcare

We’ve often heard the news about women dying of pregnancy and childbirth, especially those living in poverty-stricken areas. Therefore, the poor and their inability to access good healthcare impact society negatively. Coming up with a topic revolving around such a theme will give you a good point to position your essay.

Topics in gender studies

The following are some of the best gender-based essay topics under different categories you can consider for your paper.

Argumentative essay topics gender

  1. What is the role of gender equality in raising children?
  2. What is the impact of physical and sexual violence on women?
  3. Describe gender in politics: what causes the big gap between men and women in politics?
  4. Do you think antifeminists are justifiable?
  5. What defines gender? Is it an individual or a society?
  6. What if gender stereotypes never existed? Would the world be any better?
  7. Describe gender equality in developed and undeveloped countries

Essay topics on gender stereotypes

  1. How do gender roles affect society?
  2. Describe the variations between East and West gender stereotypes
  3. Healthcare practices and gender discrimination
  4. The negative impact of gender discrimination in schools
  5. Describe Gender Stereotypes in television series and shows
  6. What is your understanding of gender stereotypes in media?
  7. Does gender stereotype have any positive impacts?

Gender equality essay topics

  1. What is the role of gender mainstreaming?
  2. Women empowerment: why does it matter?
  3. What challenges do women face in places of work?
  4. Describe gender identity
  5. What roles do men play in politics?
  6. What is your understanding of feminine traits?
  7. Do you think men should take a big role in childcare?

Gender identity essay topics

  1. Gender justice vs. human rights
  2. What is the role of gender equality in economic development?
  3. Describe homosexuality in the society
  4. What is your understanding of masculinity?
  5. Social media and gender inequality
  6. Why are same-sex relationships becoming popular? What are the impacts?
  7. Describe the impact of culture on gender identity

Gender roles essay topics

  1. Describe gender roles in the society
  2. What is the state of gender roles in the United States of America?
  3. The idea behind gender roles
  4. Describe male dominance in relation to gender equality
  5. How does society perceive gender roles?
  6. Benefits of gender roles

Interesting gender topics

  1. The evolution and changes in gender roles since the 1800s
  2. The impact of gender roles on immigrants
  3. Explain how gender roles impact the emotional and physical health of a person
  4. The influence of politics and media on gender roles
  5. Factors contributing to gender roles
  6. Do you think gender roles are natural?


Gender-based essay, like any other essay, needs a student to craft a good and interesting topic that will captivate the reader’s attention and make the student enjoy writing the paper too. Being a broad subject, there are many basics to consider and come up with the best gender-based essay topic. I hope this guide has provided useful insights you can apply in your next essay on gender matters.

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